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      June is National Dairy Month

      June became National Dairy Month in 1937 to promote the drinking of milk. One local farm wants to raise awareness for the importance of local products.

      The DeBacker Family Farm has been distributing dairy products in the Upper Peninsula for the past nine years. Their products can be found as far north as Houghton and as far east as St. Ignace. They sell milk, cheese, ice cream and butter among other dairy items.

      â??Getting people a local product thatâ??s close to them and keeps the money revolving in a local area is what itâ??s all aboutâ??, said Terry DeBacker, owner of DeBacker Farm. â??It keeps the local area strong.â??

      The DeBacker Family Farm has over 500 cows with 200 alone just for milking. But thereâ??s a lot more to the farm than that. They also have a restaurant, make and sell their own ice cream, and even have a petting zoo.

      â??For us itâ??s just about being able to give people a product that they know is going to be a quality productâ??, said Tracy DeBacker, owner of DeBacker Farms. â??If they have any questions, they can come right here to the farm and Iâ??ll show them where it comes from.â??

      After the cows are milked twice a day, the milk is sent to their processing room. A machine fills the milk containers and seals them before sending them to be packaged.

      â??Itâ??s about the people, weâ??ve met some great peopleâ?? said Tracy DeBacker.

      The DeBacker family hopes with the help of National Dairy Month they can raise awareness for more local products and farms in the area.