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      Jury deliberates Durocherâ??s fate

      The jury is now deliberating the fate of Harley Durocher, the 25-year-old logging truck driver. He was involved in the crash the killed Thomas and Barbra Swift last March.

      The day began with the continued questioning of Durocher. The possibility of distracted driving, while texting was the focus.

      He was asked if he ever sent text messages while driving.

      My friend, â??Ryan always answers all my messages and phone calls,â?? said Durocher.

      He was asked more specifically if he texted during the time leading to the accident.

      â??As a matter of fact, at the stop sign before I entered the highway I may have sent her a text saying Iâ??m coming home,â?? Durocher said.

      Durocher is charged with two counts of each of the following charges: operating with a suspended license causing death, reckless driving causing death, and operating with the presence of marijuana causing death.

      This afternoon, both the prosecution and defense made their closing arguments.

      â??He made the decision to drive this truck in its condition, and he was behind the wheel when this truck went through the intersection and killed Mr. and Mrs. Swift,â?? said prosecuting attorney Steve Parks.

      The defense argued the suspended license and traces of marijuana were not the cause of Durocherâ??s crash.

      â??That would be wrong, holding him accountable for those six crimes that he was charged with when he came in here,â?? said defense attorney Jim Howarth, of Detroit. â??That wouldnâ??t be fair.â??

      As of today, each of the six charges has an additional lesser charge added for the juryâ??s consideration. There are two additional counts for each of the following charges: operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license, committing a moving violation causing death, reckless driving, and operating a motor vehicle with presence of a controlled substance.

      â??We ask that you find him guilty as [originally] charged,â?? Parks said.

      Late afternoon the jury began their deliberation. They stopped for the night, and will continue tomorrow at 8 a.m.