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      Jury deliberates in torture trial

      Jury deliberations are underway in the trial of two Ishpeming men. Jason Sadowski, 43, and Charles Cope, 66, are accused of holding two women captive and torturing them.

      The two are being tried together in Marquette County Circuit Court. Jury deliberations began a little after 1 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. About mid-afternoon, the jury requested pictures of the evidence along with one victim's testimony.

      During closing arguments, prosecuting attorney Matt Wiese asked the jury to think of Sadowski's controlling nature, how he denied having a basement and that there were people in it.

      "He can say he said other things, but you listened to the video and recordings. He doesn't say any of the things that he said on the stand. He couldn't control that, but he tried to control these officers right when they got on the scene," said Wiese.

      According to police, on July 3, 2013, Jason Sadowski allegedly tied up two women in the basement of his martial arts studio. Authorities say he did that after learning they stole money from him, and that Charles Cope, who lives in the basement, helped tie them up.

      Cope's defense attorney, Karl Numinen, says it's all Sadowski's doing. He says Sadowski was the one to bring the women into the basement and ordered Cope to watch them. Numinen says for fear of making the situation worse, Cope did what he was told to do to survive.

      "Look, this guy is the real deal. When he says he's going to kill us all, he's going to kill us all. So, let's just get through this. Let's just cooperate, let's just pretend to go along," said Numinen.

      Sadowski's attorney, Timothy Quinnell, claims Sadowski didn't beat or tie the two women up. Quinnell says the victim's injuries don't match the claims the women made.

      "Completely consistent with two unskilled, untrained fighting each other in a small room with lots of things in the way," said Timothy Quinnell.

      He went on to explain there's no evidence proving Sadowski committed any crime.

      If found guilty, Sadowski and Cope could face up to life in prison.