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      Justice for Joyce: Verdict Reached

      Friday marked the end of the David Levack murder trial.

      The jury returned with a guilty verdict convicting the Kingsford man of murdering Joyce Johnson of Stambaugh Township.

      The two week trial has finally come to a close. After months of investigating, law enforcement officials expressed relief after the jury returned with a guilty verdict.

      â??There was a lot of hard work done by not only the sheriffs office, but the prosecutor's office and the Michigan State was really a group and team effort coming to this conclusion,â?? says Mark Valesano, the Iron County Sheriff.

      Officials found Johnson's body last September, the morning of the stolen property trial where she was suppose to testify against David Levack. Most of the evidence was circumstantial but provided enough for the jury to make a decision.

      Dan Jaspen, defense attorney of David Levack, is disappointed with the result. â??I wouldn't second guess the jury. They worked very hard and paid attention, and I'm grateful for their service and time they spent on this,â?? says Jaspen.

      Family and friends of Joyce Johnson were in tears after hearing the results. Johnsonâ??s children say they are happy to see their loved one receive justice.

      â??She finally got her day in court. Thatâ??s what we wanted; this is what my mom wanted and she got her day,â?? says Paul Johnson and Sheri Branham.

      Her family and friends say that today was Johnson's birthday, and she would have turned 82 years old. They wished her a happy birthday knowing this was the best gift she could ever receive.

      The verdict is guilty of first degree open murder, witness intimidation and home invasion. David Levack he is scheduled for sentencing June 11 and could face life in prison.