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      KBC cans newest brew

      After months of anticipation, the first cans of the Keweenaw Brewing Company's Old Ore Dock Scottish Ale were filled, capped, and packed Monday.

      Owner Dick Gray says he and partner Paul Boissevain have gradually expanded their wholesale offering since starting the brewery back in 2004. They decided to add another beer last year, but first they had to add to their facility and bring in new tanks.

      The Marquette namesake marks their fifth canned beer.

      "We developed this beer when the hops shortage occurred about four years ago," says Gray. "To supplement the hops, we use American Oak chips to give another, more distinct flavor."

      Canning at the South Range brewery is a lot more hands on than you'd think. Two operators help move the cans along and turn out about 450 cases each day.

      Old Ore Dock is their primary focus this week.

      "The brew went really well," says Brew Master Tom Duex. "We TMre confident that the sales will be there. We want people to decide for themselves which variety they like. We're just happy to provide five products."

      They expect to can more than 1,000 cases in the next few days and will send them out with different distributors as they fill each order.

      Anyone hoping to get their hands on a six-pack can check local shelves later this week.