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      Keep cool and keep score

      It's summertime, and for the Negaunee High School Football teams, that means football camp! But if the weather is too hot, football camp on the field can be dangerous with the melting sun.

      "I think the thing that we do is we schedule our practices in the morning, before you get that sun too high in the air. That's one of the main ones. And then scheduling water breaks periodically. We know it's hot out here, we know the humidity is high. So hydration, we keep pushing on them, even when they go home in the afternoon," said Paul Jacobson, Head Coach of the Negaunee High School Football Varsity team.

      During the hot days, players adapt.

      "Sometimes, when it's really hot, we'll just go no football pants; we'll just go shorts. But still, we usually have our shoulder pads and helmets on. But he knows when it's too hot to be wearing all of our equipment," said Zane Radloff, senior player for the NHS Varsity Football team.

      Doctors say in addition to drinking plenty of water and sports drinks to stay hydrated, you should keep salty snacks on hand. A lot of water can dilute your sodium levels, one of the body's essential electrolytes, so eating something with your water, such as pretzels or peanuts, can help keep the levels even.

      If you think you've been in the heat too long, there are tell-tale signs you should get indoors and cool off.

      "As soon as you start feeling a headache or start feeling blurry, like blurred vision or feeling sick, then you should get in as soon as possible and get cooled off as soon as possible," said Bonnie Kilpela, Physician Assistant at Marquette General Hospital Family Medicine in Negaunee.

      According to Mayo Clinic, if you experience any of these symptoms, you need to stop exercising immediately and get out of the heat. Get hydrated and, if possible, have someone stay with you to monitor your condition, just in case.

      Taking a cool-water shower or putting a cool, wet washcloth to your face and neck can help ease symptoms as well.