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      Keep right except to pass

      A reminder for drivers all across the Upper Peninsula about proper lane usage on the highway. The month of June has been declared Lane Courtesy Month by the National Motorists Association.

      Lane courtesy refers to yielding to or moving over for faster moving traffic. The Marquette City Police Department monitors lane usage on a few areas of roadway during high traffic times, like US-41 South in Marquette near the Marquette Branch Prison. The city police also watch for improper lane usage on McClellan Avenue and US-41 heading toward Marquette Township. You can be cited for improper lane usage.

      Marquette Police advise all drivers to stay in the right lane unless they are going to pass another vehicle. This makes the roadways much safer. Also, slow drivers who do not stay in the right lane can lead to road rage among other drivers who want to get around them. It can cause many vehicles to travel too close to one another , according Corporal Jim Finkbeiner of the Marquette Police Department.

      "If you're anything closer than two seconds behind someone, then you're following too closely," said Finkbeiner. "If they were to hit the brakes, had to stop suddenly, you probably wouldn't be able to stop without having an accident. Because of that, lane usage becomes even more important by the slower traffic being in the right lane; if you overtake somebody and pass, typically there's probably somebody else who's going maybe a little faster so you need to get back in that right lane."