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      Keep your wheels rollin'

      Keeping your vehicle in sound working condition is high on the priority list for many motorists these days, especially commuters.

      And a little TLC can even help stretch your fuel dollar in these hard economic times.

      "Some of the key factors with fuel consumption, obviously tire pressures, keeping up on your tune up intervals, oil changes do help, fuel filters as well," said Jeff Jette, Shop Foreman at Saint's Auto in Negaunee.

      All car maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle up and running properly.

      But Jette says if you do one simple thing, your car will thank you.

      "I think if most people read their service manual, a lot of people are pretty talented in the U.P., they probably could check their own tire pressures very regularly," said Jette.

      Every car comes with a service manual, and it comes with step-by-step instructions on how to maintain your vehicle.

      When checking a tire, make sure it is inflated to the recommended pounds per square inch level in the owner's manual, and always have a spare handy.

      Regular tire upkeep ensures you're getting the most out of your fuel, and your budget.

      As far as car batteries go, these days most are unserviceable and maintenance free.

      Checking and changing engine oil is also critical to keep the engine running properly.

      "Change your oil. And check your oil, check the fluids regularly. I had a young friend that blew a car engine up because she didn't check her oil, and it toasted the car," said Dan Filbrandt, Ishpeming resident.

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