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      Keeping ball drop family friendly

      As the big event to close out the year in Marquette draws near, the city police will have extra officers on duty.

      The annual New Year's Eve ball drop will take place on Washington and Front Streets in Marquette. Hundreds are expected, and to maintain a family friendly atmosphere, officers will be working overtime to crack down on alcohol and behavior-related offenses. They'll especially be on the lookout for drunk drivers. So far, focusing on that problem does appear to have made a difference.

      "New Year's, I think more people are getting the message, and there are still some that will drink and drive, but the numbers, I think, are dwindling," said Detective Mike Wasie of the Marquette City Police Department.

      Authorities would like to remind the community that alcohol is prohibited on the street and must remain in food and drinking establishments during the festivities.