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      Keeping parks pet friendly

      As advocates for dogs on trails, the Noquemenon Skijor Club is seeking to educate fellow trail users about their responsibilities when bringing their pets out on the trails.

      The group held a roundtable discussion this weekend about the topic. They say local law enforcement have had complaints about unleashed dogs biting each other and bikers or skiers using trails.

      And many at the meeting recalled incidents themselves.

      "The skijor club had a thing where they brought in a trainer, and we're just kind of looking for a way to have our dogs enjoy the trails and stay out of trouble," said Colby Lash, a dog owner at the meeting.

      They want any unleashed dogs brought on trails to come when called, leave things alone and stay when told.

      The group plans to provide resources in the next six months for owners that need help gaining control of their pets.