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      Keeping recycling cheap and effective

      In the past few months, Delta County has seen an increased amount of garbage in the recycling bins. If this issue continues, Delta Countyâ??s recycling factory may have to purchase another permit to handle the excess trash. This permit is required by the state, and could cost the local tax payers quite a bit of money.

      Don Pyle- â??Itâ??s really very hard to tell what exactly the costs would be if we are forced to go from a recycling factory to a waste transfer facility,â?? said Delta County landfill manager Don Pyle. â??The bottom line is we just want to avoid that cost. We want to try to keep recycling as positive and as economical as possible.â??

      The garbage may not just be a result of negligence, but simply confusion.

      â??We are trying to make the public aware that we are needing them to pay special attention to the type of material that we take here for recycling,â?? Pyle said.

      To help clarify, the city has been using stickers to point out which items should not be in the recycling bin.

      Common items found in the bins that are not accepted include glass and non-corrugated cardboard.

      Rick Larson- â??Recently weâ??ve been seeing a lot of pizza boxes, a lot of pop boxes, Styrofoam, dirty containers.â??

      For those who continuously have garbage in their recycling bins, they may begin to notice their bins not being emptied until they are properly sorted.

      Recycling continues to be a win-win for the community and the environment.

      Bill Farrell- â??Itâ??s very important that everybody takes an active roll in their recycling so that we all end up saving money by doing this, and itâ??s the right thing to do.â??

      For a complete list of items accepted in Delta County, visit this website.