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      Keeping safe during free ORV weekend

      It??s time for the free Off-Road Vehicle weekend in Michigan. Any resident or non-resident may ride their ORV on the public trail and route systems without the typically required permit or license.

      The free weekend is not a free-for-all, safety ORV laws and rules still apply. Everyone is required to wear a Department of transportation-approved helmet and protective eyewear. All children under 16 must have a valid safety certificate. And although it is not a car, drunk ORV drivers can still get a DUI.

      ??We want people to be safe out there,?? said Michigan DNR conservation officer, John Wenzel. ??We don??t want people getting injured, we don??t want people getting killed. That??s the biggest reason. That??s why we have helmet laws, that??s why we have speed limit laws, that??s why we have reckless and careless operation laws. We don??t want people getting injured.??

      For more information on free ORV weekend and ORV laws, visit this website.