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      Keweenaw Archive supplies community

      As part of the TV6 Be the Change initiative, we are featuring emerging leaders in local communities who are making a difference.

      Kevin Hodur is one of those leaders, and he has brought art to the Copper County by providing pens, paper, and a mixture of other supplies.

      With the area lacking specific art products, the Internet seemed to be the only option, but Hodur took it upon himself to create a local shop that offered the supplies people wanted. Located inside the Jutila Center in Hancock, Keweenaw Archive is a place where all artists are welcome.

      Hodur says this time last year, he was running the business out of his backpack, but he did not let that stop him from pursuing his passion for art or supplying it to those who felt the same way.

      â??The great thing is coming through the door each day when we open and just the pride that we built this really from nothing, but we also know that it's the community's as much as it's ours because without their support, we wouldn't be here,â?? said Hodur.

      Hodur's goal is to help develop people's creativity and give them the opportunity to enjoy and explore all of the things they love to do.

      He says the reaction from the community has been very positive, and he hopes Keweenaw Archive will grow large enough to create more jobs and bring in more economic opportunity.

      For now, Hodur is finishing up his doctorate in Rhetoric and Technical Communication at Michigan Tech.