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      Keweenaw Cup Cyclocross Race

      On the course set up at the Keweenaw Mountain Lodge, more than 50 bikers give it their all for a 45-minute high intensity race.

      "There were a lot of loose sticks and a lot of slippery leaves so it made it a little treacherous at spots. The competition was really good. The woman who was behind me was behind me the whole time. So it was a really good race," said Lindsay Bean, Class A Women.

      The Keweenaw Cup Cyclocross is a fast, but technical race. It's a mile-and-a-half course full of hills, trees, tight corners, and barriers to jump over.

      "Thirty to sixty minutes is not that long. So every corner, every barrier, everything counts. You slow down, you hit the barrier, you hit the corner; whatever. You get back on and it's full gas," said Dennis Liphart, Class B Men.

      The race is presented by the Red Jacket Cycling Team as part of the UPCROSS Series. There are five different classes bikers participated in.

      For many, this is an opportunity to continue biking throughout the fall season.

      "It's just a competitive outlet--a great way to bike throughout the fall, maybe after the mountain bike season has ended. Racers can keep on racing until the snow falls, and it's a time to start thinking about either fat biking or cross country skiing," said Chris Schmidt, organizer.

      Specially designed medallions and mugs were given to first, second, and third place.

      All funds raised will go to the Copper Harbor Trails Club.

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