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      Keweenaw Land Trust seeks help to buy Upper Hungarian Falls property

      The Keweenaw Land Trust has stated its intent to pursue the purchase of the area surrounding the Upper Hungarian Falls in Tamarack City.

      In late December, it was made known the Hungarian Dam, the impound pond, the upper falls, and ten acres of land were being put up for sale to private buyers by the Fire Protection Authority. The Keweenaw Land Trust became involved and after long negotiations and consideration has decided to pursue the purchase to keep it in the public's hands for recreational use.

      The KLT says, however, it cannot buy the property without financial support from the community.

      "It seemed a worthy project and in good alignment with our mission, but, again, it was something that we hadn't planned on, and we certainly didn't have the money just sitting around to be able to buy the property," said KLT Executive Director Evan McDonald. "So, in response to the community's desire to see it protected, the board is putting it back on the community to help us make it happen."

      The KLT wants to raise $40,000 by April 30. For more information on how to contact the Keweenaw Land Trust, click here.