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      Keweenaw Pride celebrates National Coming Out Day

      Pride organizations across the country Friday celebrated National Coming Out Day including Michigan Tech's pride association, Keweenaw Pride. Keweenaw Pride is the Michigan Tech GLBTQA chapter.

      Friday, students were in the MUB circle with a rainbow door set up for people to walk through to show support. The door was to symbolize "coming out of the closet," and also for allies to show support for their friends and family.

      Keweenaw Pride says their group is for anyone and everyone, not just for students.

      â??We just want to reach out to people who don't know about the group, or maybe aren't as comfortable as some people are about being gay, or maybe they're struggling,â?? said Keweenaw Pride treasurer, Gage Heeringa. â??This is kind of a way to put ourselves out there and maybe helps people feel better about themselves and being involved a little bit.â??

      Students on campus were also encouraged to show support by wearing a t-shirt reading, â??Gay? Fine by me.â??