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      Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra winter concert

      They're a few of the most recognizable notes in the world of music at the beginning of Beethoven TMs beautifully complex Symphony No. 5.

      This weekend, the Keweenaw Symphony Orchestra will play the classical masterpiece in its entirety, just one highlight of the orchestra's annual winter concert.

      "It TMs a high-energy thing," says director Joel Neves. "You could listen to Beethoven TMs fifth on a bunch of CDs or you could come to a live experience and just feel the raw energy and commitment of the group. It's going to be a great performance."

      By day the members of the K.S.O. are scientists, teachers, name it. But when they come together to practice every Tuesday night, they're united by the goal of making music.

      "I love the music," says cello player Ben Holtz. "The show's a lot of fun. It's wonderful to have an audience and it sounds like we're really going to fill the Rozsa, but when it comes down to it, it's really about the music."

      In addition to Beethoven, the group will perform Enescu TMs Romanian Rhapsody No. 1 and Ravel's Pavane for a Dead Princess.

      "Ravel TMs Pavane is just a beautiful piece of music," says bassoon player David Olson. "It TMs one where the bassoon and the rest of the woodwinds are really featured so we get a chance to make gorgeous sounds."

      If you want to hear all three pieces, you'll have to check out this Saturday TMs show.

      Tickets are still available at the Rozsa box office. The concert starts at 7:30 p.m.