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      Keynote speaker addresses business sectors at NMU

      The private and public sectors came together Friday morning with an EPA administrator addressing the Operation Action U.P.'s annual meeting at NMU.

      EPA Region Administrator Susan Hedman gave the keynote speech which centered on "Jobs vs. Regulatory Burden." Hedman was appointed by President Obama in 2010 and is now leading the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. During her speech, Hedman detailed the projects the EPA is focusing on, including three of five areas of concern located within the U.P.

      Organizers said both the private and public communities benefit from the sharing of ideas.

      "As Dr. Hedman correctly stated, in order to be healthy and wealthy, we have to work together, so it was a wonderful combination of private and public sector efforts, discussions and information," said Tawni Ferrarini, co-chair of Operation Action U.P.

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