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      K.I. Sawyer Elementary students learn to spot invasive plant

      During a field trip to the Iron Ore Heritage Museum K. I. Sawyer Elementary students learned about the invasive plant, Garlic Mustard.

      Garlic Mustard is an edible plant from Europe, brought over by European settlers.

      The plant spreads into forest areas and alters the natural habitat disrupting insects and animals.

      The kids were able to taste the plant, but the rain prevented them from picking the plant as they've done on previous field trips to the museum.

      They did learn how to spot one and what to do with it.

      "So then if we find it we know how to pull it out and that we should pull it out" says 4th grader Alyssa Kayhill.

      The plants are known to stick around for close to 10 years.

      Students who've picked the garlic mustard plant during past field trips help to control it's populous.

      "I think over the years the infestations have gotten smaller and smaller and these kids have really put a dent in that particular infestations" adds Ally Dale, Native Plants Coordinator with the DNR.

      Garlic Mustard plants are to be disposed of in landfills so they don't grow.

      The DNR says three year-olds today should be the last group of students to be able to pick the plant during their field trip to the museum.