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      K.I Sawyer Heritage Air Museum needs help raising funds

      For years the K.I. Sawyer Heritage Air Museum has been operating under an agreement with their developer in which they didn't have to pay for rent while they raised funds to potentially purchase the building.

      Now they could face closure in the future if they don't raise enough money to continue operating it.

      On every wall and corner you will find images and relics of what life was like when the K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base was open.

      Pictures, awards, and even a wall full of airplane parts all on display. The K.I. Sawyer Heritage Air Museum originated in 1995 as a way to preserve the base's history after its closure.

      "It's vital to show what happened. What part did Sawyer play in world affairs like say the Cold War," said Bob Vick, Air Museum.

      They even maintain a few of the aircrafts used on the base.

      "One aircraft that we don't have a live specimen of is the KC135, the refueling aircraft, but we have a bomber two fighters that served here. A fighter bomber that pulled temporary duty here, a couple of trainers," Vick said.

      For many people in the area and across the country the museum is a must in keeping their history alive.

      Linda comments on Facebook "I am happy there is at least a museum to keep the memories alive of the base. Was there in 1971-72. A great place."

      Patricia in part comments "Had my third child at Sawyer ... lived on the base for several years ... hope to see more development there, now it just looks sad and abandoned."

      The museum operates on funding gathered from donations, membership support, and online retail sales which sometimes isn't enough. Now their developer Telkite Enterprises is looking to potentially rent out the facility if they don't purchase it or enter into a lease.

      "We also realize if we leave here, then the museum will go away permanently and along with the museum the aircraft that we have over at the air park will be released back to the Air force," Vick explained.

      Telkite Enterprises LLC says their goal is to continue re-developing the base and creating jobs. The facility where the museum is located at is an ideal place to generate business.

      No word on when it could happen.

      To help them out with any donations contact the museum. Click here for their information.