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      Kickball tournament gives back to community

      Over 200 people helped raise money for the Marquette community with a kickball tournament at Hurley Field on Saturday.

      The South Marquette Athletic Club hosts the two-day tournament in honor of Olivia LeMoine who passed away last year.

      This year the money raised will go to Camp Star in Big Bay. Last year they donated $1,500 to Sandy Knoll Elementary. The school used the money to buy more computers.

      "What we plan on doing in the long run is building up enough money to have a scholarship for a senior at Marquette Senior High School, and we're going to put it in Olivia LeMoine's name," said Rick Schwemin, tournament coordinator.

      Seventeen teams participated in this year's event, and the goal is to have 20 teams by next year.

      For more information on how you or your school can apply for the Marquette Athletic Club scholarship, contact Rick Schwemin (906) 360-1747.