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      Kickball tournament now takes on a big meaning

      A kickball tournament in Marquette that once stood as a way to sponsor a softball team, now has a bigger meaning. 18 teams participated in the charity event Saturday that now honors former Marquette Senior High School student Olivia LeMoine. The tournament has been running for about ten years, but the last three have been dedicated to LeMoine after her untimely passing.

      "She was a very special person, very kind and generous, did a lot of good things for people and we thought in her honor, to keep that spirit going, that we would put the tournament in her name, The Olivia LeMoine Memorial Kickball Tournament," said Rick Schwemin, coordinator of the event with the South Marquette Athletic Club.

      Down the line the goal is to set up a scholarship in LeMoine's name at Marquette Senior High School. However, some of the money is donated to a charity every year. This year they are donating some of the proceeds toward the Wounded Warriors Project.

      Looking toward the future, organizers of the tournament hope to grow to 20 teams for next year.