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      Kicking butts, Siefert style

      Adam Siefert has been a smoker for 20 years, about a pack a week.

      He says it's cost him a lot of money, and a lot of time...away from his children.

      "I started using the E-Cigarette because I wanted to quit smoking. I wanted to be here for my kids more, longer than I would be if I was normally smoking," said Adam Siefert, husband and father of two.

      Siefert says he tried electronic cigarettes after unsuccessfully using the nicotine patch and gum.

      He says he's cut down smoking by about 50 percent.

      "I do feel satisfied after smoking it," said Siefert.

      However, doctors say there isn't any hard evidence that E-cigs help smokers quit smoking.

      "Unfortunately there's really no good studies to show the efficacy. In fact, the World Health Organization has even said that they don't know the efficacy of E-Cigarettes, E-Cigs if you will, as far as their effectiveness for tobacco cessation," said Dr. John Lehtinen, Addiction Medicine Specialist.

      But some say it at least helps the process of smoking cessation.

      "What's really great about E-Cigs I think, just in general is really, it does help, I will say, folks ability to meter down their nicotine. With a regular cigarette you can't meter down your nicotine. The only way you can is if you stop smoking or smoke less," said Jeff Nason, Owner of four Jayz Tobacco Outlets.

      Regardless, Siefert says he's living proof that the E-cig does help smokers quit.

      He's down to around one pack every two weeks after he started using the E-cig a year ago.

      And he says the drastic improvements to his family life is unmatched.

      "With the E-Cigarette I can take a few puffs here and there, I don't have to have a whole cigarette.I can do it inside the house, around my kids, I don't have to feel bad about smoking around them because it's just water vapor. They're not affected by it," said Siefert.

      Siefert says day by day, he feels the urge to smoke less and less.

      He says he's set a quit date for himself, his son's birthday, and hopes to stop both cigarettes and the E-cig cold turkey.

      But if he needs a helping hand afterwards, he says the E-cig is there as a crutch when times get tough.