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      Kicking butts

      Electronic cigarettes are becoming what some doctors say the latest trend among Americans, whether they smoke regular cigarettes or not.

      So what's all the hype about?

      I decided to check in with numerous sources to figure it out.

      "E-Cigarettes have become very popular, obviously we own four tobacco outlets and we see the trends, and this certainly is one of the largest emerging trends to happen in quite some time," said Jeff Nason, Owner of Jayz Tobacco Outlets.

      Doctors and Nason say electronic cigarettes, or E-cigs, popping up everywhere.

      Dr. John Lehtinen, the only Addiction Medicine Specialist in the Upper Peninsula, says he believes many smokers are gravitating towards the E-cig to get their nicotine fix, without the extra components.

      "If you're looking at the toxic effects of smoking tobacco versus inhaling the nicotine as a vapor, that's probably the benefit that you'll end up getting. You're still going to get exposed to an addictive substance. Nicotine is very addictive. But you don't have the issue with the other carcinogens and other things that are in tobacco smoke," said Dr. Lehtinen.

      So what exactly is an electronic cigarette?

      Well, it's just that. Electronic.

      It consists of two parts, a clearmiser, or cartomiser, which holds oil, and a battery.

      The battery powers the heating element, which heats up the oil and produces vapor.

      Then the vapor is inhaled.

      The oil itself has its own makeup, which smokers call "E-juice."

      "There's basically three components. It contains the nicotine, the flavoring, and the diluent which is the PG or VG.So it's pretty simple when you break it down, the three main components of any E-Juice are going to be just that, and they will not vary. The only components that will vary are the PG and VG contents," said Nason.

      Nason says one of the reasons he believes E-cigs are so popular, is because you can smoke them anywhere, anytime.

      He says the possibility of numerous flavors is also something that draws customers.

      But Dr. Lehtinen says those two perks, are also dangerous for our youth.

      "There was a CDC study done in 2012 where their study showed that up to 10 percent of high school students had tried E-cigarettes and three percent of middle school students had tried it. And so you wonder about it being a gateway drug to potentially tobacco smoking, cigarette smoking," said Dr. Lehtinen.

      The FDA is working on a proposal to ban minors from being able to purchase electronic cigarettes.

      As of right now, E-cigs are not regulated, and anyone can purchase them.