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      Kicking the habit

      According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 percent of adults in Michigan smoke.

      The effects of lighting up can be deadly, including lung cancer.

      "Secondhand smoke. We know, we know well the dangers of that, especially to children and with babies. We now even have third-hand smoke, which is a lot of the residue left behind if someone smokes in their house," said Sarah Derwin, Marquette County Health Department.

      Derwin says now is a good time to quit, but don't do it cold turkey.

      The YMCA offers the American Lung Association's Freedom From Smoking program, where a life coach helps you understand what triggers your smoking habits.

      "Even though it's in a group setting, it's definitely focused one-on-one because, of course, everyone's got their own reasons as to why they are either using, chewing tobacco or smoking. So, we really want to help them own their behavior change," said Jenna Zdunek, Senior Health Innovations Leader at the Marquette County YMCA.

      The seven-week course helps you learn more about the dangers of smoking while also getting support from others. The program teaches things such as managing stress, coping strategies, preparing for "quit day," medicines, and developing your self-image.

      "Most of our participants that have quit smoking feel so much better. They are sleeping better, their mood has changed, their family members are happier. So, it's really neat," Zdunek said.

      If you are interested in kicking the habit, they have two new classes coming up in December.

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