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      Kid campers learn survival tips

      Would your son or daughter know what to do if they got lost in the woods?The kids participating in Camp 911 are learning how to survive in the woods and what to do when faced with various types of emergency situations.Corporal Errol Lukkarinen, with the Marquette County Sheriff's, is teaching 80 campers how to build a lean-to, and heâ??s also telling them why shelter is so important."A lot of times kids are outdoors, and even though they might be with their parents or an adult, they want to make sure that they know how to be prepared just in case there's a situation where they are left alone or they do get lost," said Lukkarinen.The kids also get a chance crawl inside their finished shelter to see how well it works. Once the kids learn how to build a shelter, they're taught the acronym S.T.O.P., which stands for stop, think, observe, and plan, because it's very important not to panic if you're lost in the woods.But building shelters isn't the only thing these campers are learning. The next step is testing their knowledge. In one scenario, the kids must respond to a woman who fell off her bike and injured her foot."The most important thing is it gives, the camp gives the kids a sense of empowerment. They're empowered to take care of themselves in a healthy way, and they're empowered to take care of others," said Ann Clancy-Klemme, camp coordinator.The kids will return home with the skills they've learned from camp."If there was an emergency, I think this camp taught me a lot about how to deal with it and be not that scared," said Blake Williams, camper.