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      Kids' art displayed at Bonifas

      You don't have to spend any money to catch a unique art exhibit that features over 700 pieces. The artists behind the free exhibit are in grades kindergarten through twelve, making their work something special.

      It's called Youth in Art, and the 600 students from Delta county schools have been working on these pieces since fall. The exhibit is very important because some schools don't offer art classes for students. Participating in Youth in Art is a way for these students to learn about art and have their work appreciated by the public.

      "Students, as they create artwork, have the opportunity of expressing themselves. But they also have the opportunity, in the process of learning, they have application, which is essential to good learning," said Gallery and Education Director, Pasqua Warstler.

      You can see the art until April 18. The Bonifas Art Center will also be holding its second annual open house April 6, with Youth in Art, food, and entertainment.