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      Kids attend a lifesaving summer camp

      A select group of sixth graders participated in Camp 911 at Iron Mountainâ??s City Park. The special two-day event teaches kids how to avoid injuries while learning lifesaving emergency tips. Camp 911 is a fun and interactive day for kids to learn some valuable lifesaving tips.

      The free event gives some 30 students an opportunity to be one-on-one with emergency responders. Renee Stanchina, coordinator of Camp 911, believes the information the kids get could save a life.

      â??Just last year we had a child, who we taught to do CPR, save his grandfather's life by doing CPR until Beacon arrived,â?? says Renee.

      CPR is just one of the many programs provided, preparing campers for real life emergency situations. Volunteer staff wants campers to take away more than lifesaving tips and hope to encourage them to enter the emergency medical field.

      Chris Larson attended one of the first camps 15 years ago. He says it was his inspiration to become a firefighter and hopes others will enjoy the experience as much as he did.

      â??It was an awesome experience. I'm glad to come back and help and love to see this program continue,â?? says Chris.

      Campers receive first-aid kits and certificates upon completion of the two-day training and are asked to share their new knowledge with family and friends.