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      Kids' Deep Snow Camp

      Kids from across the U.P. spent the day learning how to survive in the outdoors. It's the second annual Deep Snow Camp at the Lac Vieux Desert recreation center.

      What would you do if you were lost in the woods? Well, kids are learning just that. They are getting hands on experience with officers from the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission.

      In the first class, they learned how to create a shelter in a snow bank.

      "The sun isn't boiling you. It's just going through the snow; a little of all those tiny snowflakes so you will get a little bit of heat if you are down there," said Asa Naigos, camper.

      In another group, students learned what essential items to keep in their survival kit. The kit is an aluminum can filled with items like paper, a lighter, fishing line. They also learned different ways to start a fire, with or without a match, using twigs, birch bark, and a match.

      "A compass, magnifying glass so we can get the concentration of the sun. We can also have this plastic so it reflects the fire. If we cover it over ourselves, it makes us warm," said Priscilla Pete.ã??

      Finally, kids got an opportunity to identify the different types of animals they can trap to eat as well as learn how to use an animal trap. The teachers also went over which furs are good for keeping you warm.

      "Especially learning how to trap. It's kind of cool to learn about all the different kinds of animals and different kinds of traps that you can learn about," said David Mcgeshick.

      The two-day camp is also a way for kids to reconnect with nature, get outdoors, and to learn and respect indigenous traditions.

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