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      Kids draw from nature

      Rainy weather Tuesday morning didn't stop kids in Marquette from connecting with the outdoors.

      Tuesday was the first day of the "Drawing From Nature" summer day camp at the MooseWood Nature Center at Presque Isle Park.

      Kids aged eight to twelve learned how to sketch plants and animals from an instructor before they explored drawing other animals around the center.

      For the next two days of the camp, the class hopes to get outside and practice their new skills using the surroundings of the island.

      "A lot of kids spend their summers with great activities, but they're planned," said Andrew Bek of the MooseWood Nature Center. "And so we offer an alternative in that there are some plans, but a lot of it is that they're experiencing nature firsthand by getting outside and playing in it."

      MooseWood has several other day camps planned.

      Next week, they'll host outdoor playtime for younger children, and later in the summer, kids will come to day camps about monarch butterflies and outdoor cooking.

      For more information about programs at MooseWood, visit their web site.