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      Kids encouraged to kick butts

      Adolescents in Michigan were encouraged to kick butts on Wednesday...cigarette butts that is.

      Kick Butts Day was originated by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. The day advises adolescents to quit smoking while raising awareness about the effects that come with the bad habit. Health educators say tobacco companies target our youth because the younger they start, the longer they will smoke.

      "A lot of them know if we can get youth to at least 18 or 19 without having smoked, they most likely won't be smokers in their adult lives," said health educator Sarah Derwin. "So, that's why you see very little media and marketing towards a 50-year-old man. Once they've made it that far without smoking, usually most people don't pick up smoking when they're older."

      Health officials say one quart of tar is the amount that goes through a person's lungs if they smoke one pack of cigarettes a day for an entire year. For anyone that needs help quitting, the YMCA and local health departments have services available.