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      Kids enjoy family fun day

      A young boy getting his face painted

      Fog and cool temperatures did not stop kids from enjoying the Fourth Annual Family Fun Carnival at Mattson Lower Harbor Park Saturday.

      Kids of all ages got a chance to get their faces painted, jump around in a bounce house, and some even chose to take glimpse into the future with help from a fortune teller.

      "I went to the balloon thing with my brother. You try to throw the balloon, make sure you catch it, and every time you catch it, you have to step back. You try not to make it pop. I'm having a lot of fun and I really want to do it again next year," said Maggie Gaunt.

      The event also had a pie in the face contest. Marquette Mayor John DePetro was pied and TV6's Vicky Crystal was brave enough to get a little pie in her face as well.

      The event was put on by the Child and Family Services of the Upper Peninsula.