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      Kids enjoy the slopes

      Many families took advantage of the sunny warm day for some springtime skiing.

      The spot to be, Marquette Mountain Ski Hill was packed for their Kid's Day event. Children participated in a variety of games including the Silly Slalom.

      Kids had to maneuver through tight posts, curves, around a tire, and over two jumps.

      They also had an egg hunt, Frisbee toss, and groomer rides.

      "It was hard because there's this tire you have to walk over. It's really hard. I kept on failing at it. There's also this tire right here and you have to go around. I'm not good at that either," said Madalyn Stern.

      "When I first crashed on the first one I actually felt like I came down from the sky. Like head first," said Dasan Smith.

      It's the first time they host Kids Day.

      Officials say after a rather cold Spring Carnival they wanted to offer kids a more enjoyable experience on a warmer day.