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      Kids get a chance to fly planes this weekend...for free

      Families are offered a chance to take the kids to learn to fly model airplanes this Saturday.

      The Bay Area Radio Control Club is presenting its Learn to Fly day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Kids as young as six years old can fly remote control model airplanes at no risk or charge.

      The planes, fuel, controls and instructors will all be provided.

      "Saturday, we're having our learn to fly day," said Dan Brachmann of the Radio Control Club. "It's basically drivers' ed. for model airplanes. We have radio control airplanes with a trainer type, set up with a dual control system. Instructor has one control box; the student has another control box."

      The instructor's control box will override the students'. The Bay Area Radio Control flying field is located six miles west of Escanaba and four miles north of Hyde, on County Road 521/533.

      The club says that there are signs leading people to the field.

      On Sunday there will be a Float Fly with seaplanes and helicopters at Ludington Park between the boat docks and bridge.