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      Kids get a lesson in getting active

      You may remember him pushing quarterbacks as a former Detroit Lions defensive lineman, but on Monday Luther Elliss spent time with a younger crowd at Cherry Creek Elementary School.

      The former Lion was there to reward students for their work with the NFL and National Dairy Council's Fuel Up To Play 60 program. The program is a nationwide movement focused on fighting childhood obesity.

      Students and faculty at the school have worked hard to instill the importance of exercise during the winter months.

      "We have an obesity problem across this country, and if we can help these kids realize that they can do something different besides what they're currently doing. It doesn't mean they have to play sports. A lot of kids say "I don't like sports." It's getting out walking your dog, getting up, going to play catch or jumping rope or skipping or do something of that nature," said Elliss.

      Elliss also presented a National Advisor Award to a teacher involved with the initiative.