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      Kids get in tune with their artistic side

      Kids spent Monday getting in tune with their artistic side. It's all part of the eighth annual art camp at Powell Township School.

      Kids are learning how to make print art for the first session of the day. This week, the camp focuses on pop art, which evolved in the '60s.

      It's the idea that anything can be art, so the kids focused on kitchen items. Caitlin explains why she loves the camp.

      "I guess my friend, Tom, he comes here all the time, and he said it was really fun, so I came, too, and I really enjoyed it. So I just kept coming back," said Caitlin Walker.

      Camp Art is organized by Liberty Children Art Project, a non-profit that reaches out to under-served kids in rural areas. This is the second summer session, and many participating are kids returning from the previous year.

      Carol Phillips says they're becoming more bold and creative with their pieces.

      "It's a relaxed atmosphere, and I think less stressful. It's different from school in that it's way more casual, and I think that kids have an easier time opening up. When that happens, I think they get more creative, they take more chances," said Carol Phillips, director.

      For the second part of the day, they created pieces out of clay. So to continue with this week's theme of pop art, many created tiered cakes.

      A favorite part of the day for many kids was getting their hands mushy while learning how to use a wheel.

      "I like how you can make it yourself with your hands and the texture of it when you feel it," said Ruth Hummell.

      There are still four days left of the camp. It's free for kids in Powell Township, non residents pay five dollars per day.