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      Kids have a blast at Michigan Tech's Summer Science Camp

      Getting kids interested in science is hard, especially over the summer. But the Summer Science Camp at Michigan Tech keeps them coming back year after year.

      "Itâ??s meant to be fun, but learning should always be funâ?? said Joan Chadde, Director for Science and Environmental Outreach. â??That's what we like to create here is a fun learning environment."

      Elementary school students can attend two camps this month at the Great Lakes Research Center on Michigan Techâ??s campus. The camps are three days long, with each day devoted to a different area of science.

      "They're taking away a positive feeling about learning involving science, technology, engineering and math and they will want to continue to learn it both here and in other ways that they can learnâ?? said Chadde.

      The students explored physical science the first day of camp, with magnets and sound and made their own musical instruments. The next two days will involve chemistry and engineering.

      "I wanted to go because I've come to these before and I love themâ?? said Madison Minerick, a third grade student at the camp. â??We do experiments and learn new things."

      The staff hopes to spark the studentsâ?? interest in the sciences by the end of camp and for the students to keep up with it in the future.

      "I was just asking a parent recently whose child is coming to Tech, â??How did your son get interested?â?? He was relating it back to those childhood programs that we had conductedâ?? said Chadde. â??That was really heartwarming to know. You don't often get that long-term view to find out the outcome."