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      Kids in Chocolay party with lions

      Kids in Chocolay Township had someplace special to trick or treat Thursday at the annual Chocolay Lions Club Halloween Party. The club lined up more than a dozen games for kids to play as well as free hotdogs and refreshments. What Halloween party would be complete without candy? The Lions Club had that covered, too. Organizers say the turnout was good and the kids were having a lot of fun.

      "Kids seem to be having a good time. We just opened doors not too long ago, and we've got about 250 kids coming through so far, but it looks like the kids are all dressed up, they're having a great time, and we have good help from the community, and it's just a great time," said organizer Pete LaRue.

      LaRue also said they expect to see a few hundred kids come through the party. Next year will be the 30th year for the Lions Club Halloween Party.