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      Kids invited to be a Wildcat Sports Buddy

      Children of all ages are invited to meet NMU's student athletes and watch a game as part of their second annual "Wildcats Sports Buddy" event.

      Kids participating in the event will get a chance to interact with athletes one-on-one. They will also help the athletes carry their practice gear to their locker rooms. All of those who participate will get tickets to a volleyball or football game to see their student athletes in action the next day.

      "They'll just kind of get to know each other--they'll play together and make that personal connection--and then we invite them back to a game so they can come back, and when they do come back they can, hopefully, have fun, and when they watch they can see those players and see what they're doing and be able to relate to it while they're having fun," said NMU Assistant Athletic Director, Bridget Berube.

      The Wildcat Sports Buddy program takes place this Thursday, October 27 at the Superior Dome. The event will begin around 5 p.m. and last about half an hour.