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      Kids kayak down Brule River thanks to WI DNR

      For four years, the Wisconsin DNR has sponsored a kayaking event for students from Florence and Forest Park Schools.

      For some students, Fridayâ??s kayak excursion wasn't out of the ordinary; they're used to the pristine waters of the Upper Peninsula and Northeast Wisconsin. But for others, it was the first time they had ever been in a kayak.

      â??I almost fell; I hit a rock and I was going backwards for a little bit, but I survived,â?? said student, Yesenia Anaya.

      The kayak trip was sponsored by the WE Energies Foundation and the Wisconsin DNR. Eight wardens from Michigan and Wisconsin helped the over 45 kids make the trip down the Brule River.

      â??The purpose of the trip is to get the kids out on the river, enjoy a nice day and see what they've got in their backyard,â?? said WI Conservation Warden, Kelly Crotty.

      Although it was a sunny, clear day and the water was in good condition, it wasn't smooth sailing for all the kids.

      â??This girl flipped her kayak,â?? said Forest Park student, Spencer Davis. â??They were in a double and they caught a tree and flipped over.â??

      Fortunately, it was warm enough, and by the time lunch was over, everyone was dried off. Wildlife biologists from the Peshtigo area were also at the launch to teach kids about the types of fish in the Brule River. Since the kids have been studying environmental science, it was a great hands-on field trip.

      â??This is probably the best field trip Iâ??ve ever been on,â?? Anaya said. â??I think it's good and a lot of people that didn't get to go on a kayak ever before, it's a good experience for them, too, because we live in the UP, it gets them out of the house.â??

      â??Lots of kids will go on and continue to try kayaking or boating or enjoy fishing on the river; that's what the point is today,â?? Crotty said.

      Despite a few tip-overs and some sunburnt arms, the students say it was a great experience.