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      Kids learn about blues music

      On Friday, a group of kids in Marquette learned something new that wasn't in their typical school course curriculum. The elementary school children got the opportunity to listen to a blues musician for the very first time.

      The Marquette Area Blues Society supports and promotes blues music. The group brought down artist Grady Champion to give kids a taste of the unique style of music.

      Twelve-year-old Rebekka Taylor participated.

      "It's fun, and I thought that he was really nice coming down there and it's really cool," said Taylor. "It's fun, kind of slow, but sometimes it's fast and I like it."

      Champion said, "I think all kids should be exposed to the birth of all music. When you talk about rock and roll and jazz and all of that, it derived from the blues."

      Champion performed at Kaufman Auditorium on Friday evening.