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      Kids learn about smoke detectors

      On behalf of the Negaunee City Fire Department, Steve Asplund stopped by to talk to kids at Lakeview Elementary school on fire safety. He visited all six kindergarten classes to teach them about how a smoke detector works.

      It's important that every household has a smoke detector and everyone knows what to do in case of a fire.

      There should be an escape plan and a meeting area.

      The kindergarten students took home a free smoke detector made possible by money raised in the Pioneer Days Tournament.

      "Yes, we are very fortunate that local firefighters will come in and talk to our students and educate them on fire safety. It's great that they provide them with smoke detectors because a lot of the students don't have it in their homes, and it's really important," said Nikki Whitford, teacher.

      Remember: it's important to change the batteries twice a year to keep the smoke detector working.