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      Kids learn emergency preparedness through Camp 911

      X-rays of broken bones, human brains, and career talks are just a few of the things 80 Copper Country middle school students are seeing at Camp 911.

      The free, two-day camp put on my Mercy EMS, Portage Health, and Aspirus Keweenaw teaches preteens what to do in an emergency.

      Ninth grade camp counselor, Chloe Waisanen, said she participated when she was in middle school and came back to be a counselor because she believes students learn valuable information.

      â??When I was here for camp, I was really happy that I went, and I used some of the skills, like for CPR and stuff, later on,â?? said Waisanen.

      By hearing about some medical emergencies, the kids also learn proper safety measures like wearing a seatbelt in the car and a helmet while riding a bike. They even study how the brain works with a real human brain.

      â??I think itâ??s pretty cool and a little bit gross, but not too much,â?? said Houghton sixth grader, Hunter Bishop.

      On their final day of camp, students will learn wilderness survival tips and safety on the Internet as well. At the end of the camp, kids earn a certificate, a fire alarm, and a first aid kit.

      Waisanen said it could even inspire some to pursue medical or safety careers in the future.

      â??It teaches kids CPR, Heimlich maneuver, stuff like that,â?? she added. â??Getting taught that at a young age, I feel like thatâ??s important because youâ??re going to probably end up using it later on.â??

      â??Itâ??s really fun, and you learn a lot,â?? said Bishop.