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      Kids learn proper hunting skills

      Devin LaFond comes from a family of hunters, and he says he'd like to follow in his family's footsteps. But to do so, Devin is required to take the Michigan's hunter education course."I learned you can't hunt from a car. I've learned the gun carrying positions like ready, sling,â?? said LaFond.

      For over 20 years, the Portage Lake's Sportsmen's Club has taught kids and adults how to properly handle firearms."Today what we're doing is mostly field exercises. This morning what we were doing, we had three field exercises set up of how to handle a firearm and selecting the proper ammunition for that firearm," said Ed Glowacki, hunter safety coordinator.

      One of the stations is setup for students to practice zones of fire. They learned the importance of not pointing a firearm at their partner while hunting.

      Students also participated in live fire exercises. At the firing range, students are required to use a .22 Bolt-Action Rifle to learn basic safety and marksmanship skills.

      "They're learning this is the most responsible activity they've ever engaged in. It's a firearm so we emphasize that, and we emphasize safety," Glowacki said.