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      Kids learn safety through Camp 911

      More than twenty kids are spending time learning about the different kinds of emergency services.

      It's all part of camp 911 organized by Bay Ambulance in Baraga.

      Several emergency agencies are gathered at the Baraga fire hall.

      Kids are getting a hands-on look at what they do.

      "Well I think it's really cool that there's lots of people working 24/7 for to help people," said Amanda Kraker.

      Camp 911 is a two-day event that teaches kids safety techniques, CPR and first aid, and strives to get them interested in emergency response career fields.

      So, kids visit seven different stations.

      Some of the most memorable ones included the DNR, the fire department, and clean up hazmat tent.

      "Chemical tent that was pretty cool inside of it because they have the showers. And, get sprayed with the showers," said Presley Rasanen.

      "You think every day when you put on hair spray that is no big deal right. Well, if someone lights like a cigarette close to you, your hair can go on fire. So, that's not going to be pretty," said Kara Laramore.

      Semco Energy was also there teaching kids how to identify a gas leak, and the safety precautions to take.

      They also learned how firefighters perform an extrication on a vehicle.

      And, Using a simulated machine kids saw firsthand what happens to someone not wearing a seatbelt.

      "It's good for them to get a chance to speak to an officer and for us to be able to communicate and have that relationship," said Trooper Edward Zawada, MSP Calumet post.

      The camp continues Thursday with kids learning how to do CPR and first aid.