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      Kids learn the basics of horseback riding

      Heritage Hills Horse Camp

      "I think it's cool that we actually get to do it, not just learn about it. Sure someone can tell you how to do something but here you can actually get to do it," said Greta Papin, Horse Camp Participant.

      Heritage Hills Kids Horse Camp is a six week camp, once a week for two hours.

      Children are given the opportunity to learn how to horseback ride, how to take care of their horse, the different parts of the horse, and a whole lot more.

      "I never really knew that when you rode a horse you had to put your heels down, and that's one thing that's helped me a lot throughout this camp," said Dayna Gagnon, Horse Camp Participant.

      There are ten kids in this particular summer session.

      Two kids are assigned to one horse, and share the responsibilities of that horse such as grooming and getting ready for riding.

      Owner Joni Gleason says she usually has a spring camp and a summer camp, then devotes her time to the abundance of tourists during July and August.

      But these days, she's thinking more camp sessions are in order.

      "We have a lot of kids that come here just in the summertime, like people's grandkids and that are visiting every summer that have come to our camp every year. And I realized I was leaving them out. So we are going to be doing a couple mini camps this summer," said Gleason.

      The children even got to paint a horse!

      It was a fun, colorful way for them to understand the parts of the horse, and where they're located.

      "I just like being with the horses. Being with the horses is really nice because you have to make sure that they're attitude is calm, and always be aware," said Finn Swaty.

      The kids only have one more week of camp left.

      Gleason says it's amazing to watch them evolve from being afraid of the horses on the first day, to riding the trails like they've always done it.