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      Kids learn the science of snow

      Saturday afternoon, eighth graders from GEAR UP, a program preparing kids for college, learned about the science of snow.

      Emma Mackey, 13, was impressed that the science experiments were "so fast".

      "Normally science projects at school take half an hour and there you see, it??s like, BOOM! Snow!" says Mackey.

      Michigan Tech students concocted several experiments to make the day of science fun for the kids who attended.

      "The two things that are the most important is that it gets them on campus?|just seeing this is college, this is what we do," explains student coordinator, Liz Fujita. "We're not that much older, so it??s easy to talk and hang out and get to know the students."

      Two things that caught the kids' attention was working with liquid nitrogen to create homemade ice cream and dragon crackers.

      "The crackers were cold from the liquid nitrogen, and it looked like you were breathing cryogenic fire," says Logan Kyro, 13.