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      Kids learn to go green early

      Students at Bothwell Middle School in Marquette got a new view on sustainability today. The first ever Green Fair was held at the middle school where students were asked to look at how sustainability is affected by society, the economy, and the environment.

      Local businesses showed the students some of their sustainable practices such as composting, reusing old ink cartridges, gardening, and land management.

      "I think middle school is a really important time where they can start forming some philosophies about how they want to treat the earth and what sort of impact they want to have. So this is a great chance for us to get them now," said Jennifer Tapolcai, Environmental Studies Teacher at Bothwell Middle School.

      The fair was attended by the entire school and not just students in environmental studies.

      Organizers are eager to continue the fair in the future as well as make it bigger and better for next year.