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      Kids learn to sculpt with sand

      Kids at the U.P. State Fair had the opportunity to learn how to sculpt with sand Wednesday.

      Artists at Martinez Studios from Saginaw, Michigan came to the fair to build a giant sculpture out of sand. They are also holding workshops for kids to learn how to build things using sand.

      "That's our job is to come out here and play in the sand," says Martinez Studio owner John Martinez, Jr. "A lot of people go to the beach and just hangout and just have fun and that's what we do for a living, we get to come out here and just create and spend the day outside."

      The workshops will take place from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. every day at the fair. The sand sculpture is located near the DNR Pocket Park. The final sculpture from the artists will be made up of various fair related things including a pumpkin, pig and barrel.