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      Kids learn traditional Finnish dances

      Anna Dijkstra and Danielle Lund are Kivajat dancers, and they've been a part of this Finnish folk group for the past two years.

      Anna says she decided to join the group after she saw everyone performing at a music festival.

      "After we were done dancing, she asked me if I would like to join her group, and so I waited and waited and waited and finally it was time, and I was so excited and I got here and it was just a ton of fun, so I joined again the next year," said Dijkstra.

      The performing group is made up of children ages 8 to 13 who are interested in learning traditional Finnish dances.

      The dancers are sponsored by the Finnish American Heritage Center, and during each performance, they wear traditional Finnish peasant costumes.

      When it comes choreographing each dance, Kay Seppala is the mastermind behind it all.

      "I know Finnish folk dancing because I lived in the Twin Cities and was a member of the Kisarit. It was a Finnish-American dance group in St. Paul," said Seppala, director of the group.

      And many in the group say they enjoy it.

      "My favorite part about being a Kivajat dancer is probably learning the dances and meeting all of the new friends from different schools," said Lund.